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What Is Kings Road?

In the field of medieval games, there were already titles like “Diablo” in the past, which have quickly gained extreme popularity and thus become a cult. Although Hack and Slay fans had a long thirst in the following period, Rumble Games has now released a sequel title that could give the fantasy genre a whole new dimension in the field of browser games.

The role-playing game Kingsroad is not unjustifiably considered a legitimate successor to “Diablo” and will plunge you into unimagined adventures that will captivate you from the very first moment. Although comparisons to “Diablo” can be drawn in this role-playing game, Kingsroad has its own story to offer and also boasts very simple gameplay, which should be very easy to learn even for newcomers. A powerful computer is not required, the medieval game can be played directly in the browser, which eliminates the need for installation on your own computer. Royal riches don’t have to be spent either, you can play Kingsroad for free. So don’t wait any longer and jump straight into the adventure.

The king has a name at Kingsroad

First, you need to register with the provider of this fantasy game and create a free account. The role-playing game is free2play, but you have to fulfill this one small requirement – a mail address is mandatory for registration. With a few mouse clicks, however, you have completed the process and can directly click on the verification link in the provider’s mail, thereby confirming your login details.

Choose your character wisely!

The Kingdom of Alderstone is the destination of your journey, which you will embark on with a character created by you. Not uncommon in the world of browser games, but this fantasy title from the category of medieval games already has a very wide selection for you. Once you have made your choice from the different class systems, you will be catapulted directly into the history of Alderstone. The kingdom is in great need and heroes are urgently needed to send the demons and dark beings back to where they came from, to the underworld. Ultimately, it is the underworld where your numerous and extremely varied missions will send you. Successfully compete to level your character, because Kingsroad belongs to the ranks of level-based medieval games. Incredibly realistic battles will be waiting for you but newcomers need no fear – the multiplayer game offers numerous help and has very easy-to-learn gameplay. This circumstance is becoming increasingly important for in-browser games. You are not alone in the world of Alderstone, countless human players will accompany you on your way.

Premium features in Kings road role-playing game

If the Kingsroad missions seem too long for you, you can help out a little with the help of premium features and real money. Raise your character faster or acquire better weapons and items in the shop to have significantly better cards in battles. However, since all weapons can also be found or won in the multiplayer game, the premium functions are actually optional and not absolutely necessary. A decision that you ultimately have to decide for yourself, because a hero, as you know, gets by with what he has at his disposal. Your strength and skill can also be worth gold in Free2play mode so you can play Kingsroad for free without fear of losing out.


A truly worthy successor to the game principle of “Diablo”, which, however, has its very own characteristics and also detaches itself from the inspiration in many points. The graphical implementation for free browser games is extremely successful and in love with detail, the musical accompaniment is simply awesome so that the game will keep you busy for countless hours. The difficulty level of the game has a good mix so that newcomers will find their way around very quickly without old hares starting to get bored. The game is quite demanding and will reach many points with you, where it does not go on alone. However, you have human players to interact with easily. Explore the exciting and mystical world of Kingsroad, complete your missions and kill as many demons as you can to make Alderstone shine back to its former glory. The kingdom needs your help and is waiting for you, so start the adventure right away!